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Fishing Industry





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Fishing Industry

Premier Refrigeration has specialised in fishing boat refrigeration since we set up in 1988. In 2005 alone, we completed 12 full fishing boat refrigeration installations - that's one a month!

We offer a number of installation services for fishing vessels and can carry out the work wherever your boat is, either in harbour, dry dock or during original build.

Fish Hold Cooling System
Constructed from 7/8" OD Grade 316L stainles steel tubing, designed to suit fish room and giving the best possible cooling distribution.

Bulkhead Cooling System
Copper tubing fitted to bulkhead and lined with galvanised steel sheeting. Protects cargo from any heat coming from the engine room

Onboard Ice Machines
1 ton and 2.5 ton onboard flake ice machines supplied and installed. We are agents for Optimar Flo Ice Systems.

Full Maintenance and Repair Services
Whether your refrigeration equipment has developed a fault, or just needs routine maintenance, we can get you down to optimum temperature quickly and at a very reasonable cost.


Fish Hold Cooling System

Bulkhead Cooling System

We are agents for Optimar Flo Ice Systems